Monday, July 1, 2013

Chapter 24: Flaming Friendships

MR. FANTASTIC: Seriously? Look, Watcher.  Can you go talk to Galactus?  I've got a crapload of math and whatever to do.  And I know he can eat the planet and stuff, but--

UATU: Perhaps I can intercept some sense into the old coot.  I will do what I can, Reed Richards.  But I can make no promises.

MR. FANTASTIC: Well, that's better than nothing.  Now to try and solve this Monad conundrum.  If only--

BEAST: Reed!  Professor X sent me to help.  I'm the branniest of the X-Men and we figured--

MR. FANTASTIC: Skip the exposition, Blue Boy, and put that biological know-how of yours to work solving this Monad situation...

MR. FANTASTIC: While Hank and I work on this deal, Johnny, it would really be great if you could enlist the aid of--

HUMAN TORCH: --The Avengers?  Look, Reed, I go to the movies.  I know they beat the crap out of us.  You're smart and all, but Captain America?  Come on!

MR. FANTASTIC: Convenient, Johnny.  Convenient.  But I can't argue with you.  Get to Avengers Mansion; we can count on Uatu to intercept Galactus, but we need an emissary worthy of--

HUMAN TORCH: Flame on!!!

MR. FANTASTIC: Excellent, Johnny!  You and the Avengers can work on the Monad situation while Beast and I work Monad situation.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chapter 23: Apocalyptic Alliance



M.O.D.O.K.: This is taking far too long, Doom.  Mole Man should have been back hours ago!  We can only assume that he's failed!

M.O.D.O.K.: Time is of the essence! We only have a week or so left to--

DR. DOOM: --A week?  We'll be lucky if we have a few days, M.O.D.O.K.  But I will admit; perhaps I was wrong to send Mole Man to retrieve the Monad.

M.O.D.O.K.: Perhaps?  Perhaps?!  The fate of all existence hangs in the balance, and you left the retrieval of the Monad to a walking rodent?  I was just starting to think that teaming up with Sinister was a bad idea, but this...sheesh.

DR. DOOM: Dude, you made the freaking thing.  You could have just hung on to it.  But don't worry, I have an idea...though it requires that I  have to return to Latveria.  But before I go, one last thing.  M.O.D.O.K.?

M.O.D.O.K.: What?

DR. DOOM: You head so big, you gotta go around the corner to change yo mind!


M.O.D.O.K.: You're fired.


DR. DOOM: Well, well, well.  We meet at last...

DR. DOOM: ...Apocolypse!

DR. DOOM: I trust you had no trouble finding the place?

APOCOLYPSE: I have no patience for you, Victor.     

APOCOLYPSE: As far as I'm concerned, you and M.O.D.O.K. are just as responsible for the current situation as is Mr. Sinister.  And when I'm done with him--

DR. DOOM: --Of course.  But since you need my knowledge now...

APOCOLYPSE: Your formalities have already grown tiresome, Doom.  Tell me your terms.

DR. DOOM: I have only one...the final demise of Reed Richards!

APOCOLYPSE: Simple enough.  Now...tell me about Sinister's plan...and this...Monad....


Monday, April 29, 2013

Chapter 22: The Astral Plane


DR. STRANGE: Guys, you know I have all the respect in the world for Reed and his knowledge, but something tells me that science doesn't have all the answers this time.

NAMOR: What are you suggesting, Steve?

DR. STRANGE: We must the Astral Plane!

SILVER SURFER:  The Astral Plane?  What are you talking about?

DR. STRANGE: You'll see for yourself, Norrin, because you're coming with me!

DR. STRANGE: My cloak will serve as the anchor to this realm.  I will conjure Astral projections of Norrin and me; Namor, you keep the Monad safe.  Our bodies will be here, but our consciousnesses will...not.  Hopefully, we will return with some answers.  But you must protect the Monad, as well as our physical vessels.

DR. STRANGE: By the ancient charms of the Vishanti, enable us to leave these mortal forms that we may visit...the Astral Plane....

DR. STRANGE: The spell has worked!  Remain vigilant, Namor, Norrin and I shall return, and hopefully with some answers.

SILVER SURFER: Will--will our bodies be safe?

DR. STRANGE: They are still vulnerable, as is all mortal matter.  But you must let go of connection to the physical world and allow yourself to travel...

DR. STRANGE: a world less material.



DR. STRANGE: Yeah, pretty sweet, huh?  But getting here is only half of we need to look for answers.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chapter 21: Mutation

Science Daily - March 22, 2013: By analyzing mutation rates of mitochondrial DNA and radiocarbon dating, geneticists have calculated the last common maternal ancestor for all humans at approximately 160,000 years ago. These calculations are used to determine when and where ancient modern humans migrated to and began to differentiate.

For example, using the same methods, scientists discovered that modern humans originating from Africa began a mass migration and developed significant mtDNA differences around 62,000-95,000 years ago. Although they are on the extreme low end, these findings are consistent with anthropological and archeological estimations.
Interestingly, modern day mutation rates are in conflict with mutation rates of ancient modern humans. The authors of the current study suggest that mutation rates may have been missed in the modern family studies, and to help clarify the discrepancies nuclear DNA studies would be required. 

"The results from modern family studies and our ancient human DNA studies are in conflict" says geneticist Johannes Krause.  "One possibility is that mutations were missed in the modern family studies, which could lead to underestimated mutation rates."

"As I have said so many times, God doesn't play dice with the world."  
--Albert Einstein

WOLVERINE: Well Scott, Mole Man spilled the beans...

DEADPOOL: Yeah, this crap is crazier than I am.

CYCLOPS: Well, fill us in, Logan.

WOLVERINE: Mole Man says that Dr. Doom is after this thing called the "Monad."  But Apocolypse and Mr. Sinister are involved.  Sounds like we've gotta take this Monad thing out and then--

PROFESSOR X:  I fear that destroying the Monad is beyond any of our talents. 

BEAST: Professor!  They finally made an action figure of you!  

PROFESSOR X: Yes, Beast, and not a moment too soon.

CYCLOPS: Professor!  What do we do?  The Avengers figured a bunch of stuff out and--

PROFESSOR X: --I know, Scott.  The Avengers, the Fantastic Four--my telepathic powers have enabled me to comprehend the full magnitude of our current predicament.


JEAN GREY: Is it as hopeless as it seems, Professor?

PROFESSOR X: It certainly seems that way, Jean.  If Reed Richards can't figure out how to stop the Monad from approaching singularity, all existence is in peril.

PROFESSOR X: Beast, go to the Baxter Building and see if you can lend some assistance to Richards; he is our only hope.

PROFESSOR X: The rest of us will help to buy him some time.  Scott, I think you know someone who may be able to provide us with assistance.  We'll need a time traveller, and--

CYCLOPS: --Professor!  Surely you don't mean...